Managed IT Services for the Healthcare Industry


At Zeg Solutions, we understand the unique technological needs of the healthcare industry. Our Healthcare IT Service Plan can assist our clients in dealing with EMR problems and HIPPA compliance burdens. By ensuring the safety and security of all your data and Electronic Medical Records and understanding the requirements of healthcare providers, we are able to align business processes and systems together to increase your staff’s effectiveness resulting in better patient care.

Compliance At Our Core

We offer a variety of Healthcare IT services that ensures your organization achieves and maintains HIPPA compliance.

Customer Experience

We understand that any interruption in service can hamper the ability for nurses and doctors to treat their patients. The technology that an organization depends on is constantly monitored and securely managed by our team of healthcare IT experts allowing healthcare providers to give the best patient care possible.


Comprehensive IT Assessment

ZEG SOLUTIONS strives to provide quality IT assessment with comprehensive testing.

Strategic IT Consulting

ZEG SOLUTIONS appoints leading strategic consultants for challenges to make easy.

Endpoint Management

ZEG SOLUTIONS uses endpoint management and the security system makes easy logs.

Cyber Security

ZEG SOLUTIONS provides cybersecurity solutions to provide digital protection to your business.

Network Monitoring

ZEG SOLUTIONS constantly monitors a computer network for slow or failing components.

End User Protection

ZEG SOLUTIONS offers end user protection solutions go way beyond traditional defences.