Partnering with Small and Mid-sized Businesses

Small to mid-size businesses are the core foundation of our economy. Business owners need to stay on top of many important items critical to the business. From customer service, payroll, marketing and sales, IT should be the last thing on your mind. Over the last decade, IT has transformed from a commodity to a critical necessity fueling the profits of business. Many owners today have embraced that change resulting in increasing profit margins, reducing cost, and producing higher customer satisfaction.

Quality At Our Core

By providing the complementary consultation, we are able to assess the pain points and create the right plan for the business. Our IT experts monitor your network 24/7 and can provide on-site / remote assistance when needed to resolve issues quickly and easily. Creating a custom tailored plan allows us to deliver best in class services.

Complete IT Management Solution

Business owners face work halting pressure when approached by IT roadblocks. Our team of experts can provide a complementary IT consultation and give you the best customized solution for your needs. A customized solution can assure that all relevant areas are covered, without having to pay for needless extras. Our flat-fee rate approach covers an end-to-end spectrum of IT needs, from managing the network, all the way down to the end-users and even managing vendor relations. With this approach, we provide best quality of service, scalable yet easy and predictable budgeting for small to mid-size businesses.


Comprehensive IT Assessment

ZEG SOLUTIONS strives to provide quality IT assessment with comprehensive testing.

Strategic IT Consulting

ZEG SOLUTIONS appoints leading strategic consultants for challenges to make easy.

Endpoint Management

ZEG SOLUTIONS uses endpoint management and the security system makes easy logs.

Cyber Security

ZEG SOLUTIONS provides cybersecurity solutions to provide digital protection to your business.

Network Monitoring

ZEG SOLUTIONS constantly monitors a computer network for slow or failing components.

End User Protection

ZEG SOLUTIONS offers end user protection solutions go way beyond traditional defences.