Most businesses will have to deal with the sheer volume of cyber threats. Many use MSSPs (managed security service providers) to effectively and reliably protect their network. However, not all MSSPs offer the same protection level and do not have the same validity and history. As a result, choosing an MSSP is not efficient and requires research. What are the criteria for selecting a suitable MSSP? From the many options available, how do you choose the right MSSP for your business? Here are ten critical pointers in moving your MSSP right.

What is MSSP?

In the IT and informatics industry, MSS or managed security services refers to a security service outsourced to a company specializing in this field. Companies that provide such services are called MSSPs or managed security service providers. In other words, MSS is a systematic approach to managing the security needs of an organization.
Companies and organizations outsource many of their security affairs to Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) to monitor network activity and test for vulnerabilities and intrusions.
Comprehensive and professional security outsourcing will bring many benefitS FOR USERS.

10 KEYS:

1- A suitable MSSP will seek to know your business:

The first thing to ensure when talking to the right MSSP is that the MSSP is looking for information about your business’s strategic needs and goals. A provider must have sufficient knowledge of your IT environment to be able to provide reasonable security. If a provider does not ask enough questions about the hardware available on site, how to use it, and the level of access of your various users, it may not be an ideal option for protecting your business. You may want to consider another alternative.

2- A suitable MSSP has enough credibility:

Assigning IT security to others requires trusting them. To check this, you can ask providers about their customers. Then, their customers were interviewed and received feedback from them about the provider’s expertise, reliability, and responsiveness when needed by customers.

3- A suitable MSSP provides all the necessary services:

Security requires more than antivirus, firewall, and software updates to patch security holes. Today, you also need other functions such as asset detection, vulnerability assessment, intrusion detection, log management, cyber threat intelligence and behaviour monitoring. If an MSSP does not provide these features, it will probably not be able to protect your business in today’s cyberspace, where about one million new malware threats are posted daily.

4. An appropriate MSSP covers all aspects:

Given today’s advanced threats, business aspects can trust no part of your business IT security environment for a moment. With this in mind, you should look for an MSSP that takes a holistic approach to your business’s security. MSSP can preferably implement this approach by implementing a SIEM solution to have a complete view of your IT environment. The appropriate provider services should include integrated cyber threat intelligence to expedite emerging threats and provide adequate compensation (if required).

5- A suitable MSSP has the necessary technical ability:

Some MSSPs may focus on specific security areas, or their other activities may not be as significant as monitoring your environment. This is probably not all you are looking for.
As a result, it’s a good idea to consider their level of experience and expertise when choosing an MSSP.
To find out, you can ask them about their technical team, how experienced they are, and their credentials. An appropriate MSSP should have experts in several IT security areas and regularly participate in training programs in light of evolving and new threats.

6- A suitable MSSP is responsive to customers:

Having the best technologies and expert staff is an important issue, but being a responsive provider when customer needs are more important. An MSSP should always be prepared to respond to potential customer requests about their services and new threats.

7. An appropriate MSSP is proficient in technical issues:

An MSSP, like any other remote or cloud-based service provider, will perform as efficiently as possible by using iterative processes and automating processes. Also, the procedures and techniques used by MSSP must be understandable and documented. The inability of a provider to explain or provide vague explanations about services can sign that the provider cannot deliver on its promises efficiently.

8. An appropriate MSSP considers human factors:

Suppose you take all the necessary steps and contract with an MSSP to secure your data. But who provides security for your users? Humanitarian actions, whether malicious or unintentional, play an essential role in security events. The high reliance of cybercriminals on phishing attacks to send malicious packets is somewhat indicative of this. As a result, the service package offered by an appropriate MSSP should include training your users in identifying cyber threats and ways to avoid them.

9. An appropriate MSSP knows the rules that apply to businesses:

In addition to protecting your IT environment, an MSSP should know the tools and knowledge needed to help you comply with privacy and security laws. An MSSP should know the rules of your business and at the same time provide technical functions such as asset detection, vulnerability assessment, intrusion detection and log management. Besides, to ensure compliance, the MSSP must aggregate data obtained from previous security tools.

10. An appropriate MSSP receives a fee commensurate with the services provided:

Discontinuation Before concluding a contract with an MSSP, you should know the costs incurred and the benefits received in return for these costs. There are many options available to you. As a result, you need to choose the best possible option while maintaining balance without overemphasizing the price. Note that the value of security services is determined when a business’s cost is taken into account in a security incident, mostly when valuable secret records and essential data are stolen.

_choosing a good MSSP

last word

Deciding on the use of managed services and choosing the right provider is very important and challenging for any organization. But paying attention to these providers and using their services means that you intend to improve your organization’s security program, which is a positive step in this direction. Before deciding on this, organizations must know their budget, expertise, security status, etc. Of course, given that using the services of an MSSP is fast, secure, and cost-effective, experts say most organizations should use these services and their providers. But the critical point is that the provider of these MSSP services carefully selected according to their needs and the services they provide to customers.