VoIP vs Landline in 2020


Voip VS landline!Business communication has evolved in leaps and bounds in the past few decades. We now have emails, conference calls, office chat rooms, and more. But the backbone of it all – phone calls – had remained unchanged until the advent of VoIP.

The Internet is a is a medium for the transfer of almost everything, so why not phone calls? VoIP is the transfer protocol that enables voice to be transmitted over the internet hence the acronym VoIP.

Unlike landline, VoIP can be transmitted like any other form of data thus allowing for numerous integration possibilities with other business processes.

If your business still relies on legacy technology, you’re missing out on huge opportunities. It’s time to improve your business with VoIP integrated with cloud hosting technology.

How VoIP Works?


As in the definition, VoIP is simply a kind of protocol that allows phone calls to be made over the Internet. To understand how it works, you first need to consider how the internet works.

Everything about the internet is digital. That means that data is transmitted in the form of discrete packets of 1s and 0s (think of them as On/Off states in the transfer media involved).

Traditional phone calls, on the other hand, consist of an analog stream of electrical signals transmitted over long distances. VoIP allows a standard computer or mobile device to convert analog phone signals to digital data packets that can be sent over the internet and decoded on the other side.

One good example of VoIP calling technology is Skype. It lets you get in touch with people who could be thousands of miles away for free, with only an internet connection.

While you could easily use Skype for business, its proprietary Peer to Peer structure makes it unsuitable for handling large call volumes. This is where you need VoIP infrastructure to handle all your business calls.

Whether you’re a small business with a team of 5 or a large company, VoIP is the next step of growth in communication. Get in touch with the expert VoIP team at Zeg Solutions to see how a partnership can catapult your business to the next level.

VoIP vs Landline


VoIP and Landline are as different as day and night when it comes to business integration. This summary should show that clearly.

VoIP Landline          
Transmitted over digital internet connections. Transferred over analog land cables.
Easy to scale, with an unlimited number of lines available. Difficult and expensive to scale depending on existing line capacity.
Easy software integration. It cannot be integrated with other business software.
Sophisticated, has a friendly learning curve involved. Very easy and straightforward.
Low cost to introduce and maintain. Expensive to lay down the initial infrastructure.
Mobility: use your mobile phone while away from the office. You must be in the office to use it.
Call Reporting to track activity, pull call list, keep records. Not available.
E-Fax, CRM Integration, Conference Calling with each user’s unique bridge ID. Not available.



Cloud-Hosted VoIP


You can think of cloud-based VoIP as ‘rented’ VoIP infrastructure. Instead of installing the necessary IT infrastructure, you can have your VoIP systems operating from the offsite servers of a commercial cloud server. All you do is pay for it every month.

That means that all you would need to get you started is as simple as a computer, headsets, and an internet connection. You still get full-featured functionality including call recording, CRM integration, automated voice responders (IVRs), voice to email transcription, and many more.

For businesses that operate off-site, this is a very attractive option. Cloud-based VoIP has almost zero capital costs and only involves minimal operational expenditure. You never have to worry about maintenance, backup, hiring IT talent, or any other potential headache.

The alternative is to purchase VoIP infrastructure and software and hire an internal team of IT professionals to run it. Either way, VoIP systems beat the legacy systems by a long shot.

How VoIP Can Transform Your Business


VoIP has the potential to turn your business around in months. Here’s a more practical look.

I.         CRM Integration

Customer Relationship Management software allows you to create personalized relationships with your customers and clients. This is turn leads to more customer loyalty and increased conversion rates.

VoIP can easily be integrated into your CRM systems so that every time a customer calls in, you automatically get past call records. You will be able to get real-time information that will be valuable in solving their needs.

It also helps in generating leads so that when you’re reaching out to current and potential customers, you can offer over and beyond customer service.

 II.         Call Distribution

VoIP allows you to have intelligent call distribution systems for when you have a high call flow. It routes calls to the most qualified members of your teams depending on their skills and allows effortless transfer from one member to another.

III.         Quality Monitoring and Reporting

For the best customer service, quality monitoring is essential. VoIP allows you to evaluate recorded inbound or outbound calls or in real-time.

IV.         Unified Communication


VoIP allows you to bring together all your communication channels to improve efficiency and increase productivity. Emailing, chats, social media, and phone calls can all be made from the same system.

  V.         Email Integration

With VoIP, you can have a Voice to Email transcription service so that every time you speak to a client, a record is kept for future reference. Next time you speak to the same client, you will know exactly what to refer to.

VI.         Contact Integration

When dealing with a large team, it can get hard to find out where all the business contacts are and to keep them updated. VoIP allows the whole team to have access to a central record so that you never have to lose clients again.

In Conclusion:

Hosted phones can assist with building out a feature-rich and reliable communication platform with everything you need to customize an ideal solution for your business needs. Rapid deployment, enhanced operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness, ease of maintenance, and compatibility with most IP Phones and legacy phone systems are some of the key elements of VoIP phones.

Zeg Solutions is based in Houston, and we have been in IT infrastructure world ever since phone calls were being made from booths. Contact our experienced team today for more about how you can get cloud-hosted VoIP phones for your business. Your customers will love you for it.


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