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You are already using the cloud, even if don’t know it yet. Gmail, Dropbox, and Facebook are all examples of cloud-based applications. They make our lives so much easier, and for any business owner that has invested in cloud, the benefits are know very well know.

Cloud services are as old as the internet, but it is only recently that their full potential has started to be explored. We now have cloud-based gaming, file storage, cloud computing, and many more.

With its seemingly endless opportunities, the cloud is an exciting gold mine that your business can use to reach your dreams. Here are just 5 major ways in which cloud services can benefit your business.

1.  Highly Flexible Capacity

Highly Flexible Capacity cloud

Major businesses and companies value cloud services for their flexibility. For example, during peak times the demand for resources is at its highest. During off-peak hours, it decreases significantly.

Take, for example, a situation where you’re running a promotion that attracts a lot of people. This increases the demand for resources exponentially. With cloud services, you can simply commission more resources to handle the extra pressure. Once it is over, you decommission them to cut on costs.

Major players like Google and Amazon can also compute, analyze and produce reports from big data through the cloud to help your business grow.

In comparison, static data centers require that you invest in infrastructure which can handle peak demand. During all other times, it remains idle which is a massive waste of resources.

A huge advantage of cloud services is also apparent in how quickly and easily they can be upgraded to the latest standards and regulations. New software, processes, and trends are implemented in time. Thus, you always have the most advanced tools to get you the edge you need over your competition.

As an established player in the IT industry for over two decades, Zeg Solutions based in Houston Texas has what it takes to integrate cloud services into your business. Talk to our team about the best cloud services for your needs.

2.  Improved Reliability and Redundancy

Improved Reliability and Redundancy with cloud

Cloud services can guarantee you an uptime of almost 100%. Think about it: when was the last time you experienced an issue with Google, Amazon, or other major sites? Cloud services offer you the same for your business.

The data centers at the heart of cloud computing are engineered with a high capacity for redundancy. Power problems, cable issues, weather, fires, and other possible problems are all foreseen and protective measures installed. By moving your IT infrastructure to the cloud, you’re getting the same level of redundancy and security.

The same cannot be said of on-site servers and centers. It would be very expensive and time-consuming to build the same kind of reliability into your local systems.

Downtimes are detrimental to any business. In the United States alone, they cost an average anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000 per hour for some businesses. Cloud computing can spare a business such big losses.

3. Top in Security

Security in cloud services

When people hear of cloud services, they think that they are putting their data at risk. The opposite is true: commercial data centers implement the most robust security features of all to protect them from hacks, and malware.

With local data centers, there is only so much you can do to keep your data safe. It is very expensive to contract top talent in security, and the same is also true for the latest security software.

By taking advantage of the best cloud services, you get to keep your data secure not only in storage but also during transfer. Encryption services, obfuscation, and other methods are common now to make sure your data stays safe from prying eyes.

Cloud services also keep you safe from targeted attacks. In the cloud, your data is as safe as everybody else’s data is. It all depends on how you implement the cloud into your business.

4.  Increased Collaboration

Increased Collaboration with best cloud services

For companies and businesses that depend on shared resources, cloud services are the answer to smoothing out collaboration hiccups. It allows seamless access to shared data to different groups of people, no matter where they are.

For a business that involves a lot of moving about, this is a crucial factor. When you need to access data from the head office, then all you will need is an internet connection. It removes the need to share sensitive data through social and private channels. It also helps drive more innovation as more players have access to vital data.

5.  Cut on Costs

low cost cloud for business

Cloud services are cheaper than in-house data centers by far. Instead of having to build IT infrastructure from scratch, you just commission what you need when you need it. You never have to hear of upgrading or maintenance costs.

This has led to the exciting growth of officeless businesses. This is where all IT infrastructure is outsourced to improve efficiency and keep costs to a bare minimum.

The cost-effectiveness of cloud services is apparent in its pricing. For a few hundred dollars per month, you can get terabytes of storage and dedicated servers to do your computing for you.

When comparing the cost of cloud services vs the cost of in house systems, consider the total cost of ownership (TCO) of purchasing the physical equipment. In general, the initial cost of a computer, server, or other pieces of IT infrastructure represents only 20% of its TCO in the long run.

In the big picture, it is much cheaper and less stressful to hire cloud services than to build a local data center to handle your computing and storage needs.


Your business needs a partner who can guide you into the numerous opportunities offered by cloud services. Zeg Solutions based in Houston with over 20 years of experience in this field has experienced professionals who will help you get started with your current systems on into the future.

Contact the team at Zeg Solutions now to find out how you can integrate various cloud services to drive your business into the next phase of growth.

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