important of cybersecurity for business in 2020 going at the top!!! With all the bad things that have happened this year, you do not want to be discouraged or lose important data from your company or see it in the hands of your competitors. The following are the most important ones. If there is another case, write to us in the comments.

Why Is Cybersecurity Important In 2020?


Cybersecurity Important


As businesses move from traditional to modern methods, they need to digitize. From a personal and commercial viewpoint, you can no longer ignore just how vitally important cybersecurity will be in 2020 and beyond.

A lot is happening in the ever-changing business landscape. You need to keep your business moving forward in spite of the current economic situation. As we start a new decade, cybersecurity should be at the top of your mind.

Zeg Solutions is a Houston based company specializing in a full range of IT services, especially cybersecurity. With a team with over 20 years of experience Zeg’s managed IT Services tailors a customized  security strategy to ensure day to day needs are met for businesses.

As we get into a new decade, let us shares some professional insights in this industry that is projected to be worth over $300 billion in 2024. Here are 5 compelling reasons why cybersecurity should be on top of your mind this year.

1.  Business Compliance RequirementsBusiness Compliance

In the United States, many states have opted to pass laws that require businesses to take measures to protect user data. This is especially so with businesses that deal with subscribers.

Different states have come up with a variety of legal measures to try and catch up with the fast-moving world of cybercrimes. In Texas, the Identity Theft Enforcement and Protection Act just took effect on 1st January of 2020.

The act has different aspects, including which measures should be taken to ensure the protection of customer data, as well as the disclosure of security breaches when they happen.

Whether your business is small or large, the truth is that you need to get to toe the line to avoid legal problems in the future. This is not a case where you’re trying to keep out of trouble with the law, but rather to protect yourself and your customers.

Cybersecurity experts at Zeg Solutions will help you to comply with current and upcoming laws and latest practices. As an ongoing partner, you can stay assured of remaining on top of things no matter what.

2.  Cybersecurity Is Going to Be Vital for Investors


Cybersecurity is becoming increasingly important for prudent investors. Top businessmen are realizing just how important it is as a long-term component in a potential investment.

Major security breaches such as NotPetya and WannaCry in the past decade have spread fear not only in the heart of executives but in consumers too. Nobody wants to be associated with a company or institution that is likely to suffer financial loss due to hacking and viruses. NotPetya and Wannacry both cost the world an estimated $12 billion.

As part of their fiduciary duty, investors are conducting more in-depth checks into the security infrastructure and preparedness of the companies they want to invest in. This also affects big multinational firms as much as small family businesses.

If you want to take your business to the next level in 2020, you must keep cybersecurity at the forefront. You need to inspire confidence in the minds of your partners that you are dynamic enough to survive the next wave of attacks. Our top-tier IT Cybersecurity professionals can certainly do that for your business.

3.  2020 Will Bring More Potent Threats


credit card hack

Even as security infrastructure grows, so does the average cybercriminal. We have seen the huge growth of artificial intelligence, and it can only get more powerful in the near future. As much as advanced tools will help improve security, there is no guarantee that criminals will not turn them to their advantage.

You can no longer rely on static security measures to protect yourself. Criminals are evolving faster than off-the-shelf solutions can keep up. Experts have already confirmed that patching is outdated, and won’t help you prevent vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure.

To stay safe with the latest in cybersecurity, you need to engage the services of capable professionals. Zeg Solutions ensures round-the-clock security of your systems and keeps them updated with the latest tools. If and when attacks do happen, they will be stopped before any significant damage can be done.

If your business is in Houston, Texas, contact Zeg Solutions for a quote on how you can keep yourself secure in a fast-changing world.

4.  You Need to Maintain Your Reputation

Business protect

Business is all about reputation. If you can’t maintain a record of always delivering your end of the deal, you will soon lose your clients. Even as a person, your reputation precedes you and can make or break you.

You need to inspire confidence in your clients and consumers that you can deliver. Security breaches bring about unacceptable downtimes, and they don’t even have to come from targeted attacks. Suppose an employee downloaded a virus unintentionally. It could be expensive for your business to get back to full capacity.

This is why you need a cybersecurity solution that is as dynamic as the threats out there. You should not have to be offering apologies to customers because you cannot deliver: ultimately, they will go somewhere else.

5.  A Single Hack Can Destroy Everything


Cybercriminals are getting more sophisticated, even targeting the government. In August 2019, scammers using a new trend called BEC scamming managed to pose as Dell’s finance department and send an invoice to Fairfax, Washington DC. They got away with over $1.3 million before they were arrested.

Can your business survive such a loss? The point is that you’re never safe and that you need to take measures to safeguard your future and that of your business.

conclusion and recommendations for cybersecurity

Going forward into 2020, you need a partner that will understand the threats you face from cybercrime. They will need to know just how much is at stake in your business or company. Zeg Solutions is that and more. We believe that it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune to get protected. Our team can sit down with you to come up with a customized plan that is proactive as well as cost-effective based on your IT budgeting goals.

With many custom packages designed to give you the best value, you can finally take the next step to position your company for the next wave of growth. Contact Zeg Solutions to get started.


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