Cloud computing is a new technology to provide users’ computing resources, from various applications to databases on the Internet. Today, cloud computing has quickly become a standard way to access technology companies’ IT infrastructure and software and hardware resources.

This technology allows companies to use applications and other resources stored on reputable servers managed by third-party companies. Different types of cloud computing are mainly configured for business or research purposes. These different services help businesses become more efficient and save on software and hardware essential for different operations.

Interface as a Service 

The four services RaaS (recovery as service), SaaS (service as service), IaaS (Infrastructure as service) and PaaS (platform as service), are among the most common and widely used cloud computing services. In this article, Iaas In terms of specifications, applications, and benefits have been analyzed.


IaaS, which stands for Infrastructure as a service, is a type of cloud computing service that other parts are saas and PaaS.

This service allows access to computing resources like software or Infrastructure to ideas via the Internet with a public connection that is exactly virtualized hardware. In general, the computing infrastructure of this definition includes virtual server space, network communications, IP addresses, bandwidth, and load balancers.

Physically, a connection is made up of several servers’ hardware resources, and the networks are usually distributed between several data centers, all of which are maintained by the cloud service provider.

The cloud service provider is responsible for maintaining the server hardware resources; on the other hand, it allows the customer to create the IT platform they need quickly.

Iaas service for a company can be more efficient than having and managing Infrastructure.

As you know, every organization needs a set of computing hardware in the IaaS model to take care of its applications. The client is provided with a web-based control panel in which a repository of resources is defined. The IT manager can easily use this control panel for virtual machines, virtual network components, virtual data storage space, etc. with low computational resources. Builds and implements the required software on them, and whenever it is needed to use it, it is enough to increase the resources through the control panel. After doing the work, they can return the resources to the previous state without the need. With the intervention of a network hardware expert, the high costs of hardware maintenance and maintenance that are not needed continuously are eliminated. The organization pays only for the resources consumed so that users can download any operating system or application. Leased servers run those servers without maintenance and operating costs, and each user uses them automatically depending on their needs and demands.

In general, Iaas allows admins to meet their hosting needs without worrying about purchasing and managing servers and other data center-related builds.

Iaas gives admins the ability to configure and manage their software personally. At a glance, the infrastructure service as a service allows admins to reduce their need for server purchases and on-site use to zero. Focus on the config server to install the required software as well as the operating system and heart, and thus manage and minimize their costs in the best possible way

To clarify the matter, we will give you an example. Every company or organization needs a set of hardware that does not always need to be used intermittently, like universities that need powerful hardware twice a year to meet students’ needs at the time of enrollment.

According to the old model of the university, he had to buy this powerful hardware. Still, now with the iaas cloud service, The university buys a virtual data center or VCD and the IT manager of the university implements the required software through the control panel and increases the resources at the time of registration and after the required time, again without the need for various experts. , Restores resources while saving on hardware purchase and maintenance costs and time.

Features and Benefits of an Iaas Cloud Service

1. Available in any situation:

The usual services can be accessed and exploited from any place with Internet access and is not restricted by security rules.

2. Possibility to change the number of resources:

The user can reduce or increase the required capacity, and it is easy to upgrade resources.

3. Affordable:

The service provides resources based on customer needs, and the customer only pays for the same resources and is therefore economically viable.

4. Uninterrupted service:

If a problem occurs in the network or server, the IAAS service will continue to operate because other hardware resources and stability settings are fixed and prevent downtime.

5. No need to buy various hardware:

The cloud service provider is responsible for installing, maintaining and setting up the required hardware, so the customer does not need to buy them.

6. Physical data security:

Services in public and private cloud services have physical security used in the data center for server security.

7. High speed:

These services are high speed because companies providing these services such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Google are among the world’s best technology companies and create the best possible conditions.

8. Apply changes in the fastest possible time:

In cases that the volume of requests to the server may increase, the cloud service is Scale up the resources and in normal conditions Scale down the infrastructure and hardware resources, and in such cases, this ensures You will pay the same amount of Infrastructure you use

9. More security:

This service will provide much more security than setting up a physical server by yourself

10. Reduce server startup time from a few hours to a few minutes:

It is interesting to know that admins can use this service to configure their server in a few minutes and use it.

11.Focus on business:

 By using this service, you can focus on your core business and not spend your time managing and configuring IT infrastructure.

 Amazon EC2, Windows Azure, Google Compute Engine, Open Stack, Rackspace are among the services provided under this model. In these companies providing essential cloud services that provide services under the iOS model, the virtual server infrastructure or cyberspace offers their users to run their computer software on it.

Iaas service has a feature that user software can be run in a scalable environment with the help of each company’s different web services. The Amazon E-service makes it possible to use and manage virtual dedicated servers running Linux or Windows operating systems on the Xen Hypervisor. Programs based on these machines are highly scalable and have high fault tolerance. In EC2 service, the user can set up an Amazon Machine Image and set up his virtual machine with it. Amazon calls these virtual machines instances and puts the software they need in each of these machines. A user can create, execute and delete these instances according to their needs, which are available with different processing power and are rented based on calculations/hours.

 Another Amazon service called S3 is used to store information. Customers pay based on the amount of space required and download and upload traffic, but this service’s cost is much cheaper than other online space services and is unlimited.

 Resources of control over these virtual machines’ location and geographical location are also provided in this type of service. Users can provide virtual machines based on their visitors and users’ geographical location and improve the stability and speed of their service.

Examples of how organizations use IaaS:

1. Organizational Infrastructure:

A company with internal business networks and virtual local area networks created from multiple servers and network resources can store their information and run the necessary software. Businesses with growth and development can expand their Infrastructure, but private cloud services made available by the business itself protect sensitive storage and data transmission spaces.

2. Cloud hosting:

Hosting websites on virtual servers that are located on multiple physical servers. A website on a cloud service can take advantage of the stability and power of a massive network of several physical servers and instant upgrades to respond to unexpected requests such as cyber-attacks to prevent interruption or lack of access to the site.

3. Virtual Data Center:

A virtual network of virtual servers that create a virtual data center can be used to provide improved cloud hosting capabilities or enterprise IT infrastructure or all of these operations within one service. Combine private or public cloud

What are the uses of IaaS services?

 Given that Infrastructure is the most basic layer of DeCloud services, system administrators and developers are far more open than Paas.

Big Data Analysis:

 Big data is finding meaningful patterns among different data ions that require high processing power, but Iaas services do it in the most economical way possible.

Software development and testing:

 Software development teams can easily manage the software development environment and quickly launch their applications.

 Data storage, backup and recovery:

 This cloud service allows small and large organizations to store information in a secure space according to their needs. These services perform tasks such as management planning and copy and recovery in the best way.


 Cost-effectiveness is an essential feature of using the service, which provides all the necessary infrastructure such as storage, web server, network, etc. to support applications so that system administrators can reduce resources. Or increase and pay the same amount.

 Heavy Computing:

HPC allows companies to manage services that require heavy processing per second, including weather forecasting simulations, enterprise modeling Economics and the like pointed out that the Iaas cloud system makes this possible

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